Education Around the World

6 Barriers to Get Education Around the World 

It is always said that roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. However, not all children and people around the world can get this fruit. The truth is that children in some poor countries face a lot of difficulties with accessing an education. Among the most common reasons are not having a school in a particular area at all, not having enough qualified teachers, the lack of equipment etc.

If all children get access to education, the worldwide situation will surely change to better. However, to tackle this issue, we need to examine the reasons first. So, here are 6 barriers to get knowledge around the world.

  1. Not enough funding for education
    “Money makes the world go round”. These words are really meaningful. In many countries of the world children have limited access to gaining education because of the lack of money. Of course, money isn’t the most important thing. However, the lack of it leads to funding crisis.
  2. Lack of professionals or untrained teachers
    Who is responsible for teaching children? Of course teachers and lecturers. Many areas around the world are challenging this issue. There are no candidates for such positions at all, or these candidates are untrained with no skills. Non-professionalism of teachers leads to some bad consequences as well. Children become less motivated and they do not get proper portions of knowledge. It causes a historic problem for education. Children in such cases are just seeking for custom writing services to get extended information.
  3. No classrooms available
    This problem is also actual in our modern society. Of course, if you don’t have a classroom, you will not probably get education in a proper way. Children in many countries of the world, for example, Sub-Saharan Africa, Malawi, Chad don’t have enough space to educate all children. It is either classroom problems, overflow situation or no required equipment issue.
  4. No learning material provided
    Of course, to get on well with different subjects you need to read as much as possible. However, children in many countries are using old worn-out books or they don’t have them at all. Sometimes one book should be shared by 6 or 7 pupils, let alone thinking of some maps or other additional material. We cannot say about the quality of education in this way.
  5. Problems with the disabled
    Some people are special and they are just excluded from schools because of their disabilities. In more developed countries, there are special schools created for such children. However, if we are speaking about some African counties, the disabled have no chance to get their education.
  6. Conflict countries
    Living in conflict countries is always a risk. And, we cannot talk about proper education there as well. If there is a war or some other dangerous situations, education system is simply destroyed. So, children there cannot go to schools and attend their lessons.

There are lots of other difficulties children face on their way to get education. Such countries with low level of intelligence should put a higher priority to the education as the whole.